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10 health benefits of golf

There is a high percentage of sedentary, inactive or overweight people, and unfortunately, there is still no generalised awareness of the risks involved in not doing physical activity.

Here we would like to suggest one: playing golf. We believe that it is an activity that almost anyone can do and that has many advantages:

- It is healthy, because it allows you to cover considerable distances (around ten kilometres per game) at a light but not strenuous pace, and almost without noticing it, because you will be participating in a game.

- It is a mild aerobic exercise that is very suitable for those who cannot do other more demanding training.

- It helps to avoid being overweight. Through an exercise as simple as walking at a good pace you can control your weight.

- It does not require previous strength or endurance training, but it has been proven to improve muscular flexibility and aerobic endurance.

- Golf allows you to tone your arms, back, chest and abdomen. And this happens without your joints suffering.

- You burn calories: it is estimated that the energy expenditure of a five-hour golf session is around 1,400 kilocalories. On a nine-hole walking round, the expenditure is around 700 kilocalories.

- Improves your ability to concentrate: golf forces you to concentrate on every aspect of your own movement. You focus all your senses on one task, which will improve your ability to concentrate.

- Reduces your stress levels: Concentrating on all the elements that influence a good shot, from club selection to swing, wind strength and direction, allows you to forget your daily problems. Everything is focused on the ball.

- It is a social sport: playing golf is an activity that is usually practised with friends. As it is a walking sport, it allows you to spend a morning talking, socialising and getting to know other players. This is good for your well-being.

- It is played outdoors and in contact with nature: this is always an advantage. You will enjoy the environment and avoid the bad fumes of the city for a while among grass and trees, in a relaxing place.

In addition to these ten health benefits, there are also purely social benefits. Golf is a sport and, as such, competitive, but with a very accentuated recreational component. It is also a unique sport because it allows players of different levels to compete against each other, thanks to the handicap.

There are rules of courtesy, and it is essential that they are applied to avoid disputes and facilitate the development of the game and coexistence.

Finally, a myth must be destroyed: golf is not expensive. Playing for a whole morning brings with it all the benefits mentioned in this list. It means practising a sport, but also spending a few pleasant hours in a natural environment that must be maintained, and socialising. There are golf courses in different price ranges, and there is sure to be one that suits your budget.

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